Getting it right

Selling your property is not simply about listing it with the agent that values it the highest or offers the cheapest fee. Let’s be honest anyone can value it high and offer cheap fees! You can only sell your home once and choosing the wrong agent can cost you thousands, often without you even realising! Obtaining the highest price is an art, an art that many agents cannot deliver as they don’t have the right mindset or incentive.

Pay up Front Agents

‘Pay up front agents’ are slowly becoming more popular because they are cheap. One well-known up-front agent reputedly charged customers in 2018 a whopping £19,000,000 for houses that they failed to sell at all. Many of these customers then had to pay an alternative agent a second fee to sell their home.

Targeted Sales

Many valuers have monthly targets that they must meet. This often involves them being under so much pressure to hit targets that they intentionally ‘over value’ your home simply to get it listed and hit their listing target. An over valued home, as well as having to be reduced in price, often multiple times, statistically takes longer to sell and usually sells for less money than if it had been advertised at the correct price in the first place.

Interestingly the companies that do this tend to pay the office staff a bonus for hitting a sales target too. This in turn incentivises the office staff to simply ‘sell houses’ rather than achieve the best price for them.

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